Produced By: Hill Inc.
Album: The Lost Tapes
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Nas gets blowed and lets you know what is on his mind over a real classy track. "I don't like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers/Why's it mentioned in my rhymes?/Fuck it, it's just an intro/Hate it or love it, like it, bump it or dump it," he starts, ready to speak no holds barred.

He soon addresses the thugs and attempts to make them take a meaningful look at themselves: "The 'hood love you, but behind your back they pray for the day/A bullet hit your heart and ambulance take you away/That ain't love it's hate/Think of all the mothers at wakes/Whose sons you've killed and you ain't got a cut on your face?" The truth can come out when lighting up, especially if you're Nas.