Produced By: Chucky Thompson
Album: Stillmatic
Label: Columbia

The outlaw has his gun, the religious man his faith and the MC his microphone. Nas knows his words are like weapons, but their greatest strength may be their ability to heal—or at least strive for change. Lurid details abound in this portrait of inner-city hell ("a cup of virgin blood mixed with 151" is on some evil phantasmic shit; bodies found in dumpsters and shoot-outs at funerals are, sadly, real-life occurrences), yet it is the escalating emotion, from whispers to screams back to whispers, that connects with listeners, causing them to listen more intently. For those seeking meaning amidst the chaos, Nas preaches: "Hoodrats, don't abortion your womb, we need more warriors soon," and "You need some soul searchin', the time is now."

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