Produced By: Wildfyer
Album: Hip Hop Is Dead
Label: Def Jam

Nas in a nasty mood can result in some lethal lyrics. Maybe it's all the haters out there, or maybe it's the ominous musical arrangement that's inviting him to rhyme with evil in mind, but what he's saying on here is nothing nice. In one imagined scenario (well, maybe not that imagined given the obvious shot at Jim Jones), he tells how he'd set up a foe: "Got bitches high as hell and they fuckin' like AIDS don't exist/They get sent to your hotel, a maid and shit/Put a barrel in a capo mouth 'til his scalp come out." He then goes on to give some simple rules to avoid getting on his bad side. "Rule 1: Cocksucker, keep my name from your tongue/Rule 2: Thought ya knew, don't fuck with God's Son/Rule 3: See, matter fact, I just wait/If y'all reach Top Five, then I'ma eat y'all alive," he rhymes with particular disdain in his voice. In other words, you don't want it with Nas.