Produced By: Salaam Remi
Album: God's Son/N/A
Label: Ill Will/Columbia

A song that can make the entire club lose it or can make the most jaded New Yorker turn their head when they hear it pumpin' out of a car stereo is a song worth checking for. A song that also takes a tried-and-true staple like the essential break beat of "Apache" and flips it is even better. "Made You Look" is a great look. That it's able to use the meta-cliché of gunblasts to stirring effect is impressive to say the least.

The Bravehearts chant at the start is guaranteed to get crowds amped, but what's funny is that Nas is in chill mode, "in a white T lookin' for wifey." Rapping past the end of the record, Nas not only makes you look, but makes you believe in hip-hop (or as he calls it "street hop") again. The song was later remixed to include Jadakiss but it was Ludacris who stole the show and proved he could run with New York's best rhymers.

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