Produced By: Pretty Boy, D. Moet, Poke & Tone
Album: I Am...
Label: Columbia

Sometimes it's hard to remember whose song this is supposed to be. If there was anybody to put out a record called "Hate Me Now" in '99, it would have most definitely been Puffy, who was heavily criticized for his he-told-you-he-won't-stop adlibs, self-promotional tendencies, and calculated pop formulas. But why would Nas make a record like this?

As it turned out, Nas was P.O.'ed about everyone going green-eyed monster on him for being a model-dater and the first rapper to bring a platinum plaque back to the projects.

All this pent-up emotion resulted in this harmonic apocalypse of a single with a controversial video (after a scene of Puffy being nailed to the cross that was supposed to be cut ended up on MTV, he assaulted Steven Stoute, Nas's manager at the time, with a chair, a champagne bottle, and a telephone). Brash, loud and egotistical, the song is from an era when you sorta had to be famous to have haters.