Produced By: Polow da Don
Album: Untitled
Label: Def Jam

Though much of what was written about It Was Written said it was a play for commercial appeal, probably no other song in his catalog has been more mainstream than "Hero." The slick blast of new-age electro fit for an untitled black teen vampire-movie trailer, not to mention the Keri Hilson guest spot, made "Hero" very much a pop song. Nas, however, provided some sting in his lyrics when discussing the uproar over his trying to name his album Nigger and his defiant stand against censorship:

"Still in musical prison, in jail for the flow
Try telling Bob Dylan, Bruce, or Billy Joel
They can't sing what's in their soul
So Untitled it is
I never change nothin', but people remember this
If Nas can't say it, think about these talented kids
With new ideas being told what they can and can't spit
I can't sit and watch it so, shit, I'ma drop it."

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