Produced By: T-Ray
Album: Return of the Product
Label: Def Jam

The second time on wax for Nasir Jones was another funtastic turn on a booming B-side posse jam, thanks to the invitation from 3rd Bass' MC Serch, the man who helped shop Nas' demo and eventually executive-produced Illmatic. Eminem has done a lot in the last dozen years or so starting shock waves in rap music (and OFWGKTA got bloggers goin' nuts in the last 12 months), but back in the early '90s the young upstart from QB was no stranger to shooting off at the mouth with shit he shouldn't have said, like "I'm waving automatic guns at nuns/Stickin' up the preachers in the church/I'm a stone crook/Serial killer who works by the phone book." Tame by today's standards, but it was part of getting Nasty Nas a name in the game.