Produced By: Large Professor/Large Professor
Album: 1st Class/N/A
Label: Matador/N/A

"Stay Chisel" means to be sharp whether it's lookin' fly or watchin' your back. Bringin' the "Lou Ferigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger–type steelo," Nas got brolic thoughts galore enforced by a stupendous Large Pro creation, a victorious, atmospheric joint that's downright inspirational, which is perfect for Nasir's wisdom work-out plan:

"Mental calisthenics got my mind stretching, then I release it
Have my whole frame bulgin' under diamond pieces
Take the weight of the world on my shoulders, I hold it
So I consume most the pain for my niggas that I roll with
'Cause see the streets ain't no Gold's Gym, papi
And if I feel it going down then my niggas'll spot me
Without the mind, the body weight don't even mean nothing
Let's take three brothers and put them in the bing or something
Who's gonna survive, the wise man, the fool or the warrior?
Well, if all of their minds are chisel, then all of them."

There are two versions of this powerful cut: a version with Nas rhyming three verses for dolo, and the shorter version that appeared on Large Pro's album in which Extra P also kicks a verse.

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