Produced By: Marley Marl
Album: Bootleg
Label: N/A

Kamakazee f/ Nas & Cormega "On the Real"

Nas "On The Real"

Underground classic. Marley getting down and dirty with a neck-snapping loop (and a chopped up bit from "One Love" for the hook) perfect for the local heroes Kamakazee (consisting of KL R.I.P. and Solo aka Kyron, both also of Screwball) and the motherfucking man, Cormega, to completely devour. The backstory, according to, is that after the original was recorded, for some reason Nas fronted on the release, so a version with Havoc replacing Nas was thrown on the Screwball album.

In 2004, Nas decided to redo the song for dolo on the 10th anniversary edition of Illmatic, adding two verses (and changing the line "Up in the Marriott, Suite 3010" to the Trump Plaza, for some reason, probably because it sounds flossier). Nas hooking up with Marley, though, was some shit that needed to happen—a historic QB connection.