Produced By: N/A
Album: "Capone Bone" 12" B-Side
Label: Penalty

While Nas took a dip into commercial waters after his auspicious keep-it-one-thousand debut, he returned to the 'Bridge for this blunted-on-reality rap fest with the homies Noreaga and Trag. And what a party it turned out to be. The insanely off-key sangin' courtesy of Esco is bonkers, but it works. Plus, hearing a young Nore, stylishly raw as ever and vocally far from what he sounds like today, is a tripped-out trip down memory lane.

What's also interesting is that if you read between the lines, Nas seemingly talks about himself in his verse, a cat who was "born with niggas but now he's on to mad figgas," a "cool nigga but about to be called out by the heart testers/Never known for bustin' his chrome/Wasn't soft, but wasn't respected till he was grown." Listen to the end to see what happens to duke who tries to test him.