Album: Hip-Hopera
Label: RCA
Producer: Mega Baka Boyz

Hundreds of rap songs have sampled “More Bounce to the Ounce”-why aren't there hundreds of rap songs like “Pistol Grip Pump”? Volume 10 is simply fighting at a different weight than all other gangsta rap hopefuls. The song has a left hook, a jab and an uppercut.

It is relentless. It cracks asphalt. Hardness doesn't do it justice. Best of all, it came out of the stew of the Good Life Café, the bastion of anti-gangsta rap creativity in the mid 1990s. We'd wager that's where Volume 10 learned to rhyme “chivalrous” with “ligaments.” If you can name a more ferocious rap song, you should play it for Rage Against the Machine, who took to playing “Pistol Grip Pump” in concert between “Down Rodeo” and “Killing In the Name.”