Album: 21 & Over
Label: Loud
Producer: E-Swift, Tha Alkaholiks

Of his many gifts to L.A. rap, the great King Tee introduced the world to Tha Alkaholiks at a time when they were desperately needed. Gangsta rap was overfed and too self-serious to stand upright. When L.A. rap seemed in danger of turning into one endless song about eating a fat dick, the Liks came to the party, jumped on the couch, spilled their drinks on the carpet, and relieved L.A. from a period of mourning left over from the 1992 riots.

There's a sound in “Make Room” that mimics a burp. That's intentional. DJ Homicide has the song's best line: “But that's cause I'm slick tossin' records like a discus / Y'all niggas feel these beats from fuckin' Halloween to Christmas.” It turned out Tha Liks had a much longer shelf life. Perhaps because he was severely calendar-challenged, Homicide would soon leave the group to throw in with the frosted tip-hop of an Orange County quartet called Sugar Ray.

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