Album: IV Life
Label: MCA Records
Producer: DJ Broadway, King Tee

When asked to identify the center of an infamously centerless city, Joan Didion pointed to the intersection of Sunset and La Brea. The thick of Hollywood. Bullshit. Anyone who lives in the real Los Angeles could tell you that its center is the cloverleaf in which the 105 crosses over the 110.

Everytime an Angeleno returns home to the city, you take the carpool lane east on the Harbor Freeway, and you get lifted up on the greatest freeway interchange in Southern California, a boomerang turn that throws you ten stories above the streets as you curve to the north and are gifted with a view of the smog-shrouded mountains and dystopian downtown spires. The big home. It's impossible for a song to sound bad on that drive, but there is one piece of music that contains the climactic concrete-born freedom of that turn, and its name is “Dippin.”

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