Album: N.W.A. and the Posse
Label: Ruthless
Producer: Dr. Dre

When Macola pressed the first copies of “Boyz N Tha Hood” in the spring of 1986, the only place it was sold was at the daily Compton Swap Meet in the old Sears building on Long Beach Boulevard. Then it got popular in suburban San Fernando Valley, and after that, Tower Records locations all over the state started ordering more copies. By the end of the year, a Slauson hustler named Eric Wright had become a rap star. He was so scared to perform in front of crowds that he assembled the first incarnation of N.W.A to back him up (including Ice Cube, who had written the lyrics to Eazy’s big hit). Several lawsuits, innumerable pairs of leather biker gloves and one tragic AIDS-related death later, “Boyz In Tha Hood” remains a street classic, and the only Dr. Dre production that can be convincingly reproduced on a pair of upturned garbage cans.