Album: Domino
Label: Outburst/Def Jam
Producer: DJ Battlecat, Domino

Domino met Battlecat when they were both hired to work on the Bangin' On Wax project, which had hundreds of Crips and Bloods audition for an album that was something like the Making the Band for gangbangers. Bangin' On Wax turned out to be bang-by-numbers, but thankfully Domino and Battlecat stuck together for a more fruitful collaboration in the form of Domino's debut album. “Getto Jam” was one of the biggest rap hits of 1993, rivaled only by the debut of Snoop Doggy Dogg.

It was the first No. 1 Rap song to utilize strictly melodic rapping and it's probably the only time a former Long Beach Crip has scatted on a hit song. (To paraphrase: “Du-bum dway / Da-bum dway / Da-bum dway-yay.”) At a time when South Los Angeles hip-hop was divided into two camps-the Death Row/Ruthless gangstas and the Good Life jazzsters-“Getto Jam” proved that they had more in common than anyone was willing to admit.