Album: Quik is the Name
Label: Profile
Producer: DJ Quik

"That's the biggest hit I've had, chart-wise, in my career," Quik told Complex earlier this year. "That was my second record that impacted at radio." But the song had even greater significance for Quik, because it marked his coming-of-age. "I'm hanging out with all these OG-ass gangbangin'-ass drug dealer fly-ass rich motherfuckers," Quik explained. "And I ended up just being like one of them... I made 'Tonite' gloating about that. You know, I ain't got no job, but I'm having money—and I'm honing in my rap style... I'm pretty lucky in a lot of senses. Because I could have gotten killed living the lifestyle I was living. But the shit turned into money... Alcohol, growing up, bitches and shit—it was a great time. Debauchery at its finest.”

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