Album: Way 2 Fonky
Label: Profile
Producer: DJ Quik, Rob 'Fonksta' Bacon

“Just Lyke Compton” has Quik's handmade bass. It has one of his catchiest hooks, and has him rapping in his 22-year-old prime. It even has his signature sleigh bells. All these factors make for a classic Quik song, but this is more than a classic Quik song. This is one of the all-time great rap songs, because of its point-of-view. While most L.A. rap looked at itself in the context of the city, “Just Lyke Compton” looked at L.A. rap in the context of the country at large.

His tone is not dispassionate, nor is it judgmental. He never strays from his role as reporter, and like any good reporter he returned from his travels with images and stories. He's obviously tripped-out by the evidence that Compton gang culture has been imported to cities as far-flung as St. Louis, Denver and San Antonio, and his feelings are not delivered verbally, but tonally-a tone of pride mixed with exasperation and amazement that something that he thought grew only in his backyard has infected the entire country.