Album: "Put The Monkey In It" - Single
Label: Tommy Boy
Producer: Daz Dillinger

When Death Row's freshman class was first in session, around 1991, one of several duos to pair off within the larger collective was Daz Dillinger and Soopafly. The first was one-half of the Long Beach rap duo the Dogg Pound, and the second was a musical mastermind and closet rapper originally recruited to play keyboards on Dre's tracks.

They've been collaborators ever since, although the peak of their musical friendship was probably 1997's “Put The Monkey In It.” This was G-funk in its dapper middle-age. Instead of pulls of malt liquor at the local liquor mart, the beats now felt like sips of cognac at a well-appointed gentleman's club. Daz knew how to rap at conversation volume, and his nimble vocal fits into Sooafly's track like stitching to the leather upholstery of a factory Lexus.

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