Album: Guerillas In Tha Mist
Label: Street Knowledge
Producer: Ice Cube, Chilly Chill, Mr. Woody, Rashad, T-Bone

In order to destroy racism from the inside out, Da Lench Mob appropriated every horrifying jungle-derived stereotype used to mock African-Americans, and turned the imagery into an insurgent assault against white America. If you are able to unpack all the semiotic implications of this song you might think about applying for tenure at Morehouse. But even if you got your only degree from Saturday morning television, you’ll be able to catch Ice Cube’s drift: “Fuck Grape Ape and Magilla I’m a killa / Magilla Gorilla ain’t a killa / White boys like Godzilla / But my super nigga King Kong / Played his ass like ping pong.” 

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