Album: Cypress Hill
Label: Ruffhouse, Columbia, SME
Producer: DJ Muggs

Well, here it is, the symphonic masterwork of one Lawrence Muggerud, aka DJ Muggs. He cooked up the beat in a tiny apartment in Hollywood that he shared with DJ Aladdin of Low Profile. In one room, Aladdin, WC, Coolio and Crazy Toones were making We're in This Thing Together," and in the other Cypress was making demos for their first album.

L.A. is famous for producing homicidal maniacs who are also incredibly charming, but has there ever been a song as exceedingly lovable and homicidal in the same note? “Didn't have to blast him but I did anyway/Young punk had to pay/So I just killed a man!”

It may well be the most danceable murder ballad ever written. Now here is something you can't understand: A musicologist from the University of Oregon wrote a dissertation to explain all the different things Muggs accomplished in “Kill a Man.”