Album: Music to Driveby
Label: Orpheus
Producer: DJ Slip

The queasy apex of the curl-and-locs era, “The Hood Took Me Under” is Compton's Most Wanted's masterpiece. The group's first three releases were pretty much flawless, but they really hit their stride when L.A. ascended to the top of the entertainment industry and G-funk slowed to a crawl, allowing MC Eiht to flex his naturally throaty, unhurried cadence and show why he is the Ben Webster of West Coast rap.

Eiht inhales the nihilism of Tragniew Park Compton Crip life like a pull of smoke from a long spliff: “I loads up the strap and I step/Cause my brain cells are dead and all I think is death.” To outside observers who pondered the mentality that would lead a city to generations of perpetual killing, Eiht provided the coldest, truest answer: “Gee-yea, who gives a fuck about another / Only got love for my fuckin' gang brothers.”

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