Album: My Krazy Life
Label: Def Jam
Producer: DJ Mustard

It takes a conscious effort to replace C’s (and C sounds) with B’s—at least initially. Eventually the oral affront to the opposition becomes an inextricable aspect of your lexicon. YG didn’t invent the switch, but he’s the first to expose the lingo to the masses so brazenly. “Bicken Back Being Bool” is his answer to DJ Quik’s “Loked Out Hood.” The narrative isn’t as cohesive, or chronological, but the conflict is the same. A day of intended relaxation goes horribly awry in Bompton—shots are fired, homes are robbed, and YG goes to prison. His plainspoken rhymes convey the chaos with arresting immediacy. DJ Mustard’s beat thumps with sub-rattling menace and shimmers like shattered glass in the sunlight. Though YG recycles lines from his 2011 song “Honestly” when engaging in full Blood speak, it’s forgivable. “Smoking on a bigarette/Eating a bowl of bereal” will always be inexplicably catchy.