Soulja Boy is the originator of everything if you let him tell it, but in a recent podcast the rapper jokingly took credit for creating the ultra-popular app TikTok.

Soulja was on the It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast talking about his influence when he emphatically declared that he created the social media platform.

“I created TikTok! It wouldn’t be no TikTok if it wasn’t for Soulja Boy,” Soulja said at the 22:50 mark when asked how he changed the game. The host of the podcast humored him as well, asking where TikTok’s actual owner falls in the mix.

“What about him? He heard of ‘Crank that Soulja Boy’ too! Can I get my 10 percent TikTok? What the fuck is going on!” the rapper replied. He then went into how TikTok helped his song “She Make It Clap” reach new heights on the Billboard charts.

Earlier in the interview, Soulja also talked about his rollercoaster relationship with Kanye West. Recently, the rapper came to Ye’s aid after rumors began to circulate about him arguing with Pete Davidson over text.

“Pete Davidson! PSA: Watch your fuckin’ mouth when you’re talking to Kanye like that n***a,” Soulja yelled. “I don’t know who the fuck you think you is, but you not Big Draco. Do not talk to Kanye like that no more or you gon’ have me on your ass n***a.”

Soulja said on the pod that him and Ye are cool now, but that’s always subject to change. Listen to the whole episode of It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper below.