Soulja Boy and Bow Wow continue to trade shots leading up to their Verzuz battle. Yet, instead of playing nice and keeping it to trolls, Soulja Boy decided to question Bow Wow’s finances.

After taking a big shot when Bow Wow pointed out his elusive hairline, the Stacks On Deck founder chose to play big bank take little bank.

“Damn @smoss im up 28 M’s on u Lil pee wee,” Soulja Boy tweeted on Monday. “u worried about hair cuts get ya money up.” He then took to Instagram Live where he shared his net worth with fans and ranted about his natural hair journey. 

“I’m worth 30 million! You been in the game longer than me! You been in the game 20 years longer than me and I got more money than you,” Soulja said after claiming Bow Wow got his hair inspirations from him. “Timbaland, what’s wrong with this man? This man sitting up here worth $1 million, I’m worth $30 million. He talking about haircuts, you worrying about the wrong thing. Go get $30 more million, Bow Wow. Go get some money. Stop worrying about what my hair look like, what your bank account look like?”

Fortunately for Bow Wow, he and Soulja Boy have a close enough history that he can prove when the rapper might be capping. Bow Wow pulled up a TMZ story from 2016 that claimed Soulja Boy was lying about owning a $6 million mansion. Bow Wow went on to claim that he and Soulja actually shot a video at the residence and the owners were on hand to make sure nothing went wrong.

“Soulja Boy stop! You def dont have 30 million! You be lying so much,” Bow Wow said. “we shot a video here. The owner was in this house while we did it. You live paycheck to paycheck STOP!”