GG, the King of DC, is making his return. But this time, he’s coming with his royal court. 

Shy Glizzy and his Glizzy Gang collective dropped their new compilation mixtape, Don’t Feed The Sharks, on Friday. Don’t Feed The Sharks features a host of rappers with close ties to the Street’s Hottest Youngin’ including No Savage, Pressa, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and most of the Glizzy Gang collective.

Don’t Feed The Sharks was also prefaced by three singles, “Rediculous” and “Mood Switch” with No Savage and “Manifesto” featuring 3 Glizzy and Goo Glizzy.

Don’t Feed The Sharks is Glizzy’s first tape since the release of Young Jefe 3 in 2020. To make things special, Jefe flipped the concept of the album’s title by using the word “shark” in its business sense. He opened up a competition for young entrepreneurs to receive $10,000 if they win his pitch competition. The winner of this competition will be someone who caught Shy Glizzy’s attention from his hometown of Washington, DC.

Listen to Shy Glizzy and Glizzy Gang’s new mixtape, Don’t Feed The Sharks, below.