Shelley FKA DRAM is back with a new single and a reflective take on the successes he’s enjoyed since the release of his debut album, Big Baby D.R.A.M.

In a talk show-inspired video shared just before dropping the track, titled “Exposure,” Shelley gave fans some insight on how that success has informed where he’s aiming to take listeners with this new chapter.

“After the release of my debut album, Big Baby DRAM, I’ve worked on so many things, but most importantly I was working on me,” Shelley said on Thursday. “I’ve been working on a lot of me. Ever since I was introduced to the world with ‘Cha Cha,’ my career has taken me on a journey enabling me to meet people like Rick Rubin, Snoop, Queen Bey, and Queen Erykah Badu. I got to travel the globe, tour with Kendrick, and I did Coachella. On top of all of that, simultaneously wrapped up in the fast life. I was moving with no breaks, because that’s how life was coming to me. So I took some time to focus on my health, voice, and growth. Focus on me. I wanted to do this show so everyone could get to meet me, Shelley.”

Stream “Exposure” below via Spotify:

“Exposure,” notably, marks Shelley’s first new single since 2019’s “The Lay Down” with H.E.R. and Watt. One year earlier, Shelley dropped the three-track EP That’s a Girls Name.