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The Motor City’s Sada Baby and Big Sean gas a Hit-Boy beat for their new single, “Little While.”

For this track, Sada continues to prove that he’s one of rap’s most versatile characters by attacking this beat with his signature south-paw style. In the process, he paints a picture of how he would rekindle an old flame.

“Just dropped a deuce of wock in a can pop, bumped into a bitch that I knew from the sandbox,” Sada spits. “I ain’t know little baby had an ass now/She looked at me like ‘Why the f**k is you mad now?’/‘Cause you look way better than you to, want to put you in my videos on YouTube.” 

This isn’t the first time Big Sean and Sada Baby have crossed paths. When Sean was putting together his second love letter to his hometown, Detroit 2, he wrangled in some of the city’s most popular artists to appear on his “Friday Night Cypher” posse cut. Sada Baby was among the chosen few to grace the track alongside acts like Royce da 5’9”, Eminem, and more. Like “Little While,” most of the production and executive production of Detroit 2 was handled by Hit-Boy.

“Me and him, we got 20 to 30 songs. He just took a liking to me,” Sada said to Apple Music when detailing his relationship with Hit-Boy. “I went out there to meet Sean and I end up, the first song I recorded with Hit-Boy, it was a song with me, Sean, and ASAP Ferg. Me and Ferg laid our verses, and I think Sean still got last verse of the song. Then I did another song where I just lay the verse on it quick and how I record is real fast. So he was intrigued by it.”

Listen to Sada Baby’s new single, “Little While,” featuring Big Sean and Hit-Boy below. The video is available to watch up top.