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With the arrival of Razor’s Edge on Friday, New York rapper Rome Streetz has dropped the video for album cut “Bible or the Rifle.”

Produced by Futurewave—just like the rest of Razor’s Edge—“Bible or the Rifle” sees Rome channeling that classic, smooth NYC rap sound. As Rome explains, the Gee-directed video didn’t quite go as originally planned due to the weather, but the final outcome worked in the end.

“The rain kinda threw off the original location for the video and we just improvised it but it all came out perfect like it was God’s plan,” he tells Complex. “The song is based on the album concept. There is a thin line between good and bad which I like to call the razor’s edge. This is based on a lot of experiences I’ve had in my life coming up in New York City.”

Watch the video for “Bible or the Rifle” up top and grab Razor’s Edge here. The project is also available to stream below.