Fat Joe and Remy Ma are serving as guest hosts on the The Wendy Williams Show this week, and the two shared a hilarious moment with chef Evette Rios. 

Joined by Rios for a segment entitled Puerto Rican Thanksgiving, the two were shown some of her favorite, distinctively Puerto Rican entrees. While Fat Joe elected to serve as the “taste tester” instead of getting involved with the cooking, Remy jumped in with husband Papoose watching from the side. But things got especially hilarious when it came to the use of plantains.

“Let’s start with some green plantain, I know you like big plantains Remy,” said Rios as she passed one over to Remy. “Pap, what did you tell this lady?” replied Remy as the audience erupted into laughter. “She’s been talking to my husband guys, I’m sorry.”

Fat Joe added, “Papoose, a slight compliment on TV… They heard about it in Oklahoma.”

The two were announced to take over hosting duties on November 23 and 24 after Williams took off some time due to health concerns. She provided fans with an update on her condition earlier this month ahead of the season premiere of her show. Meanwhile, Devyn Simone, Michael Yo, Elizabeth Wagmeister, and Bevy Smith served as guest hosts on the Nov. 22 episode of the show.

Watch the clip with Fat Joe and Remy Ma above.