For fans of: Shoreline Mafia, YG, Schoolboy Q
Listen to these songs first: “Walkin’ In,” “Risk,” “Flyin’ Up” 

BlueBucksClan have continued L.A.’s long tradition of badass rap crews. There’s Drakeo’s Stinc Team, Shoreline Mafia, and if you go back further, Odd Future. The collective effort of rap groups is as native to L.A. as rap itself, with different squads repping their hoods, their gangs, and their familial ties. BlueBucksClan is the latest iteration of this storied history, and their unique take on West Coast rap is equal parts innovative and captivating. They’ve been bubbling in the city for quite a while now, but they solidified their dominance in L.A. off the strength of their 2020 LP, Clan Way 2. With the group’s members carrying equal weight, every song has the feel of a posse cut, and they each have enough stylistic diversity to keep their community approach fresh and exciting. There’s a tangible cohesion and the whole is bigger than the members who encompass it. It’s clear that BlueBucksClan is only getting started. —Will Schube