If you spent any time outside in Brooklyn this summer, you heard Pop Smoke’s “Welcome to the Party” blaring from cars, apartment buildings, and clubs. The 20-year-old rapper’s gruff, deep vocals laid the foundation for the city’s unofficial Song of the Summer, and he didn’t let up when the season ended. Pop proved he wasn’t a one-hit-wonder with the follow-up success of Meet the Woo standout, “Dior,” and he ended 2019 by getting Travis Scott on a drill song with “GATTI.” For a moment, there were whispers that some of his songs end up sounding similar to one another, but his Power 106 freestyle over 50 Cent'’s “U Not Like Me” beat proves he can switch things up and play with a variety of sounds. 2020 will give him a chance to prove his stylistic diversity, but for now, Brooklyn drill is one of rap’s most exciting subgenres and Pop Smoke is its biggest star. —Eric Skelton