Quando Rondo is letting the fire and pressure of his personal life make diamonds with the release of his new album Still Taking Risks

Rondo released the 18-track project on Friday. And like the title suggests, Still Taking Risks is an introspective look into Quando’s state of mind and his life following the death of King Von. Since Von’s death, Quando has insisted on telling his side of the narrative. Through songs like the viral hit “End of Story,” Quando has set the stage for this album to answer questions about his life.

Leading up to the record, Quando sat down with the Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee for an interview touching on the rumors that surround him. Throughout the conversation, Quando explained what happened leading up to King Von’s death, why the Never Broke Again collective seemingly has so many enemies, as well as his relationship to the Rollin’ 60 Neighborhood Crips and Big U. 

Listen to Still Taking Risks below:

At 1 p.m. on Friday Quando's "Purple Baby" video will premiere and be viewable here:

While Still Taking Risks, is a cause for celebration, a dark cloud still follows Quando Rondo. Last weekend, he and his entourage were the targets of gunfire in his native Georgia. The rapper and his team were reportedly at a convenience store in Blackshear, Georgia when they were shot at. One of Quando’s associates was shot in the hand and taken to a local hospital to be treated.

Rondo is no stranger to violence and sticky situations. During part of his interview with Angela Yee, he recalled being raised in the foster care system. “My momma was on drugs all my life. Like hard drugs. Like crack. So I grew up adopted. Foster home to foster home. … My dad been in prison my whole life. My dad was in prison for 12-13 years. But when my daddy came home, I was in juvenile. … I met my daddy around 15 years old. … I went from in-and-out foster home to in-and-out juvenile,” he said. 

Rondo went on to explain how being in foster care forces a child to be tough and establish their identity by any means necessary: