Born in Kenya, but raised in Manchester, Millie and Hope Katana, aka The KTNA, first found fame as Rhona and Shona Mansfield in Waterloo Road, but have since transitioned into music, making their first moves with their debut EP, Life Under Siege. Although 2020 was a little quieter (they released just the one single), it was a year spent hard at work on what would become their new EP, Resurgence, which they’re announcing with the project’s lead single, “Can’t Stop It”.

Their debut EP was a raw collection of tracks about their own struggles with depression, mental health issues and their upbringing, but this new EP is them moving forward and building a more positive future for themselves. If “Can’t Stop It” is indicative of what’s to come, it’s sultry and smoky, but it feels like they’re having more fun here; they’re more optimistic, more playful, and ready for the new chapter.

You can feel that optimism and hunger in the video, too. Even though it leans into the track’s slow and sultry vibe, there’s a playfulness to it that’s infectious. Under deep red and purple lights, the two sisters writhe and slink, breaking free of literal chains with what looks like twin suns in the background.

Going deeper into some of the themes of the EP and how it all came together, Hope and Millie spoke to Complex via email, explaining: “Resurgence is the culmination of a lot of determination and hard work. The title ‘Resurgence’ came after we’d released our first EP Life Under Siege and it hadn’t been, initially, as popular as we’d hoped. However in March 2019 that changed with the world going into lockdown and people being lonely and isolated. Almost simultaneously our streams went through the roof! It had finally felt like we had been recognised for the magic we’d made on LUS and gave us a new lease of life musically. Hence Resurgence.

“Living through these last few years has been extremely trying for everyone and ‘Can’t Stop It’ is for anyone who feels like they’ve been doubted or criticised for doing what they simply feel they were put on this earth to do! We’re very excited to give the world a new era of KTNA through Resurgence!”

Ahead of the single’s official release tomorrow, July 28, hit play on the visuals at the top.