Taking a moment away from his usual work as one half of UK hip-hop outfit Subculture Sage, producer Subculture has partnered up with G-folk singer Hak Baker for a profound, devastating, but ultimately beautiful new collaboration, “Tornados”.

Blending Baker’s melancholic vocals with a soaring production style touched with more than a hint of sadness and accented with guitar licks from Chada Charoensrisuk. According to Hak, the song concerns itself with “a wonderful melodic make-believe sinister bubble of mistrust in today’s daydream of reality. I’ve always been intrigued with the imminence of death; I used to dream about it. Here’s a romantic ode to it.”

A mix of their two contrasting styles, “Tornados” is unlike anything we’ve heard from them as individuals, but somehow doesn’t sound out of character for either of them. It may be a song about, as Hak puts it, “the imminence of death”, but this is far from morbid. In fact, it’s pretty soothing. 

Hit play on the visualiser above and look out for “Tornados” when it officially drops on May 14.