Back in March, Brixton-hailing rapper Shaun Sky released his latest single, “Candles”, a typically poetic and thoughtful track that told a sort of Sliding Doors-type story of two lives lived in parallel. It’s a dreamy piece, as his music so often is, and there’s even a faint hint of the surreal about his tale, which is accentuated perfectly by the skittish, jazzy instrumental from producer Temesgen.

For the visuals, he’s reunited with director and collaborator Joshua Allen (the brains behind several of Sky’s past videos including “Pretty” and “Shore Thing”) who brings the two stories to life with some mesmerising flourishes that suck the viewer in via the mirrored scenes and abstract, worms-eye-view shots that feel almost kaleidoscopic at times. 

Immerse yourself in the visuals at the top and then add “Candles” to your playlists.