Right now, the way thing are, you have to find small comforts where ever you can. In the case of singer-songwriter Rich, it’s the joy of making music that’s kept him going and today he drops two new songs—“Stay With It” and a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Chanel”—that he hopes will do the same for others.

As lead vocalist of REFS and one part of THIRDSTORY he’s been used to creating with others, but these solo efforts are a little more befitting of our times. “Stay With It”, which he says he wrote “as a pep talk to myself, my friends, and my family during these insane times”, is deeply fragile, but the rousing vocal performances are surprisingly uplifting in their own subtle way—it’s no wonder James Blake and Justin Vernon have declared themselves fans.

On the flip to “Stay With It” is “Chanel”, a delicately executed cover of Frank Ocean’s 2017 single. Although the original was still pretty restrained in its arrangement, Rich pulls things back even further, slowing the tempo and leaving little besides his own voice, a gentle piano key here and there, and the occasional vocal harmony. Startling almost to the point of chilling, it’s unlikely you’ll forget either track in a hurry.

Right now, the end may just be in sight, but we’re not out of the woods yet and elixirs like this are still more than welcome. Take the new tracks in below before they officially drop tomorrow, March 24.