It’s been two years since London-based five-piece PYJÆN (pronounced: pie-jan) released their self-titled debut album, but the release schedule hasn’t really slowed down. Last year we got the Sage Secrets EP and now they’re gearing up to release second full-length, Feast, later this year. While we wait for more info on that, the band are sharing “The Nightbus”, one of the key singles from the project.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the nightbus is an infamous place that can be, to put it mildly, interesting. Fortunately, PYJÆN’s offering is a little more appetising. Taking us on a meandering, late-night journey, Charlie Hutchinson’s drums and Benjamin Crane’s bass are the driving force, guiding Dani Diodato’s guitar, Dylan Jones’ trumpet and Ben Vize’s sax through their colourful late-night trip.

Drift off with “The Nightbus” below (pre-order it here) and look out for Feast when it drops later in the year via DeepMatter.