After years spent as a supporting musician, recording and performing live with the likes of Adam Lambert and Tiger Love, LA-based musician Kosta Galanopoulos is now ready to release his debut album as PWNTDays In The Summer on June 25 and today we have visuals for the lead single and titular track, which officially arrives tomorrow, April 21. 

The PWNT moniker, he explains, comes from a famous Miles Davis quote, “play what’s not there”, but while the influence of Davis and the jazz greats is clearly significant, but it’s far from the only one. A fuzzy, psych-funk jam, “Days In The Summer” stirs in elements of pop, indie, shoegaze and soul to create a dreamy, hazy sound that feels perfectly aimed for the kind of scorching summer afternoons where it’s too hot to do anything at all.

“[‘Days In The Summer’] was another track that I cut at my studio in LA and took to the Miami recording session with me,” explains Kosta. “At the time I was hanging at this bungalow for a few weeks and was engulfed by lots of greens and blues, warm weather, you know… all those feels. Summer feelings. Sandy feet and unbuttoned shirts.”

To celebrate the track’s release, he’s called on Aristotle Galanopoulos to create some suitably psychedelic visuals. Rendered in grainy Super 8 and drenched in mind-altering splashes of colour, we follow the musician on his technicolour mission of escapist fantasy.

Tune in (or out) at the top and look out for the album when it drops June 25 via Acrophase Records.