Roughly this time last month, 22-year-old Melbourne talent Olive Amun announced plans for a new EP, Don’t Leave Yet, with its lead single, “Blues”, a track he described at the time as “a break-up anthem that touches on the ups and downs of a love story that doesn’t quite go to plan.” Now, as we edge ever closer to the EP’s release, he’s dropping off another of its extracts, “Bad Dreams”.

As with its predecessor, “Bad Dreams” shows off more of Amun’s songwriting chops, but where “Blues” was a melancholic affair, this new one is a little more chaotic and finds him knee-deep in the chaos of a toxic relationship. You took a chunk out of my soul / Can you just let me go, he pleads. It may be a more upbeat affair, but this fusion of R&B, hip-hop and bedroom pop is the sound of a man in crisis.

“‘Bad Dreams’ is a song about not being able to say goodbye to that someone or something that isn’t good for you,” Amun explains. “I made the demo the first night of lockdown alone in my studio and it was one of the first times where I really felt comfortable with my guitar playing, producing and vocal mixing so the record is a special one for me.”

Don’t Leave Yet is due in May. Tune into “Bad Dreams” below.