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Until now, Bristol rhymer Mushkilla has been known as a garage MC, delivering  deep, baritone vocals over bubbly garage riddims. However, we’re going to see a new side of him this year as he gets ready to drop his new EP, Not Another Garage MC. Before that drops next month, he’s now sharing visuals for lead single, “Indo”.

Produced by Lavonz, the new drop swaps light and snappy 2-step for a darker, drill-focused sound. Switching from garage to drill (and vice versa) is an increasingly popular move and the boundary between the two is becoming fuzzier by the day.

Keeping things clear and focused, the visuals from director Abigail Fleming capture Mushkilla in crisp greyscale against the backdrop of his local area. Peppered only with the occasional flash of colour, it becomes an almost dream-like experience.

Explaining how the track came together, Mushkilla says: “This one’s naughty. Me and Lavonz have been cooking non-stop since his remix of ‘Big Smoke’ was released and added to Spotify’s ‘New UK Garage’ playlist, ‘Indo’ is the first original tune we’re releasing. Too gassed. We’re both more known on the garage side of things and this isn’t that at all, he’s the most complete producer I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has opened my eyes to the different levels there are in this game. Enjoy.”

Hit play on the “Indo” visuals above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.