On March 19, French-born producer Katuchat will release his debut album, Still Life, via Roche Musique. Katuchat signed to the label in 2018 and has since released a string of highly emotive and atmospheric singles. Now, following recent cuts “Together In Delight”, “Home Is Not A Place” and “Prairie”, he returns with the album’s latest extract, “Memento”.

Influenced by greats like Arca, Vegyn, SOPHIE and Boards of Canada, the new single is possibly his most evocative to date. “Music is a kind of time capsule,” he says, “which we can listen to again and rediscover past moments, remembering the circumstances in which we first heard it, or even created it.” A vast wall of brooding bass ebbing and flowing beneath elusive techy flourishes, it’s hard not to get completely swept away by this one. 

Lose yourself in it below and look out for Still Life when it drops this Friday.