After a brief hiatus, North London rapper JD Cliffe made his return in April with the dark and ominous “Cashew” and he’s already back with a follow-up, and this time he’s teamed up with fellow Londoner Solo Mario for their new single, “007”.

It’s a little more laid-back than some of Cliffe’s other cuts, thanks to the influence of the shimmering, less-is-more instrumental from producer Rxkz. In spite of that, both rappers stride across the beat with no less force than you’d expect, volleying tough rhymes back and forth with all the commanding authority of two pros with years of built-up chemistry.

Square Up Films handle the visuals, stitching together shots of the two rhymers cruising through the streets in their whip (and possibly meeting a sticky end), and then switching between scenes in the sprawling lawn of their country manor and the late nights on the block. Clocking in at just over two minutes, it’s quite a journey.

Hit play on the video up top then make sure you add “007” to your playlists or buy it here.