Hailing all the way from Boulder, Colorado, singer-songwriter Dafna has been phenomenally busy the past few years. After dropping her debut single, “If You’re A Dove” in 2019, it’s been a non-stop release schedule, even finding the time to release two albums last year. Judging by her Twitter, it looks as if she has another in the pipeline, but before that she’s dropping her latest single, “Sweeter”, which she says is the first of three ‘taste’-themed releases, to be followed by “Sour” and “Bitter” later in the year. 

A classicaly-trained musician (she’s been playing piano since she was just four years old and writing since she was 11), her keen ear for composition and a knack for making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on edge are what sets her apart. In the case of “Sweeter”, that comes down to her delicate, cloud-grazing vocals that completely disarm the listener, leaving us like putty in her hands.

Ahead of the official release tomorrow, April 2, tune into “Sweeter” below and keep it locked on her socials for the rest of the trilogy.