Hailing from various parts of mainland Europe, the five members of Céline & The Blue all came together in England over a mutual love of jazz and soul music. Since forming, they’ve spent the past couple of years putting out singles, all of which have been building up to their debut EP, Within & Without.

Their six-track debut pulls together everything they’ve released together into one neat package along with their new single, “Safe”. It’s a stylish but laid-back pop sound, carrying just a hint of jazz and funk in the swinging rhythm section. Céline’s voice remains the star of the show, but the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts.

Explaining the story behind the EP, Céline told us: “The title Within & Without is a reference to an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote in The Great Gatsby used to describe a character being both a participant and an observer of their life. The EP illustrates this duality tackling themes of self-reflection, growth, and relationships. The record encompasses the start of our creative journey as a band, it explores experiences we’ve seen each other go through and it’s a witness to our artistic growth. We are thrilled to have ‘Within & Without’ be the first step towards progress and so much more music for the future.”

The Within & Without EP arrives April 2. Pre-save it here.