Imagine arguing about flaunting money when people are dying and starving during a global pandemic. But alas, hip-hop fans have been subjected to watching Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty joust on the internet about spreading cash. 

On Monday, Kodak Black made an Instagram post aimed at Lil Baby and other rappers who have claimed to have started the trend of showing money on social media. Pooh Shiesty took offense to this, and after an Instagram Live exchange, he took to his page to post throwback pictures of him stunting with cash.

“The INTERNET AND FANS will make a real nigga do some hoe shit, Influence????????” Sheisty captioned the photo series of himself that dates back to 2011. “U wasn’t rapping when I was out here taking action!!! I just like yo music thought u was on my same time boy u was rapping that shit I was really living before I ever made a song, this internet don’t know shit bout me, if anything @chiefkeefsosa get credit nigga don’t play with me I’m wrong young nigga we can hit bout fr all that talking nigga gangstas keep they phone down.”

Showing money on the internet isn’t a new concept. Yet, Kodak Black brought “spreading”—which is unique to his native Florida—to the mainstream. Although he made it clear that he wasn’t dissing anyone when stating this fact, it obviously got under Shiesty’s skin since Black was using the rapper’s “blurrd” ad-lib during his videos. Black tried to tell Shiesty to “keep it cute” because he was only using the ad-lib in a way that means he’s “running over” things, but it’s clear that Shiesty is ready for anything that comes with this beef.