NLE Choppa conducted a series of interviews this week, and was asked about where he’s at with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, whose new Colors project includes the song “Bring the Hook,” in which he disses King Von.

In an interview with DJ Akademiks, Choppa spoke on the beef between Durk and YoungBoy, which has been further provoked by YoungBoy’s latest music. Despite previously showing love to YoungBoy, Choppa agreed with a statement from Lil Reese in which he declared YoungBoy is “just rapping like the rest of these rappers all rap.”

“I stamp that,” he said in response.

He told Akademiks that he “barely read” the comment, and that he just wanted to acknowledge his love for King Von.

“It wasn’t ever with me picking a side. Honestly, bruh, I barely read what Lil Reese said,” Choppa explains in the clip up top. “I just know what he was saying was siding with my boy [King] Von. If you would’ve asked me what Lil Reese tweeted, I wouldn’t be able to speak it word-for-word. I wouldn’t be able to tweet the whole tweet. At the end of the day, that wasn’t the purpose behind [my response]. Being on the side or just trying to be in some shit, it was just off the simple fact that brother don’t be able to defend his name.”

From there he implied that it’s not YoungBoy’s place to speak on Von, especially since he’s not around to defend himself. “I just feel like, with street stuff, if you did it, if that was your work, speak freely of it,” he continued. “Speak highly of it. You got every right to do it. That was your shit, that was your work, do it. But, like, certain stuff be coming from outsiders that wasn’t even there when certain shit happened… I just don’t respect that part of it.”

Akademiks later brought up how the Colors project also disses Choppa, who then suggested that while he and YoungBoy aren’t on good terms, it’s not quite a beef. “I’m never no hater,” he said, confirming that he was a big fan of YoungBoy in the past. “That used to be all I bumped. … I ain’t never say he wasn’t [my favorite]. But that’s not how stuff is, now.” He added that he told Durk to “let it chill” because he doesn’t want these issues to turn violent.

Choppa also sat down for an extensive interview with the Breakfast Club, during which he also appeared to address his comment on the Reese tweet.

“I made certain comments because my brother Von. That’s what I made a comment on,” he said, as seen in the Instagram clip below. “Defending his name, because he’s not able to defend his name. One of the things I hate is when a person isn’t here to defend they name. I feel like violence come from how you move. I feel like beef is all about how you move. It’s what you do with the negativity.”

Ultimately, he concluded that he’s not interested in blowing these issues out of proportion. “Some internet stuff, some word of mouth stuff is never beef with me. Cause at the same time, I know what I’m living through. I live in peace, bruh.”

At the 19:30-mark of the full interview, which can be seen below, Choppa elaborated on that recent fight at the Atlanta airport. Asked where his security was, he said that he was arriving slightly later than him because he caught a different flight. “It’s just… lucky to say it was in the airport and I wasn’t out in public or something,” he said. “He probably wouldn’t’ve walked out of that situation alive, and I probably would’ve walked out of that situation in jail.”

In another interview, this time with TT Torrez and DJ Bobby Trends at HOT 97, Choppa revealed that he almost released a track but didn’t want fans to perceive it as a diss at YoungBoy. “I live in peace, I live in love,” he said when asked whether the two of them are in a full-blown beef. “It’s never nothing with me.”

Finally, Choppa came through with a new Funk Flex freestyle on Wednesday, too.