Nippa’s debut EP has arrived.

Amidst a number of viral hits in his corner thanks to “Situation” and “Ride Or Die”, the 21-year-old R&B-trap singer has shared his self-titled, six-track debut. With production from Anti Wave, Lou Xtwo, TobiAitch, Zuri Beats, 6 and Elijah Melo, the set boasts the aforementioned two tracks, as well as enough new material to keep fans and new listeners hitting replay.

The EP opener, “I Know”, kicks things off with a stripped-back beat as the artist croons with his sing-rap flow as he recounts his accomplishments so far. Another highlight from the project is “Confidence”: swapping his usual smooth R&B set-up for a harder-hitting rap tune, Nippa spits game on his work ethic and fast lifestyle over some crunchy 808s and hi-hats.

Alongside the EP, Nippa treated fans to visuals for the track “Pay The Price”. Complete with a FaceTime cameo from hit-making producer Boi-1da, the song features a reverb-heavy backdrop oozing ‘90s neo-soul touches. Throughout, Nippa can be seen shutting down shows, trapesing through his North London neighbourhood and heading over to a low-lit party with Wray & Nephew on deck.

Nippa’s EP is a sterling introduction to his boundless creativity and talent. With a concise 12-minute runtime, each track explores a different side to his multi-faceted skill tree. If this project is just a sneak peek into what Nippa has to offer, he’s already in the running to be one of the biggest breakout stars of UK R&B.

Stream Nippa in full below.