Nicki Minaj and her husband recently celebrated their child’s first birthday with a huge Kung Fu Panda-themed party.

Nicki subsequently took to Instagram to share some shots from the festivities and express her gratitude.

“On Sept. 30th you turned 1,” Nicki wrote in the caption for the post. “Mama is so proud of you, PapaBear. You’re the best boy in the whole wide world. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but God bless you, son. Mommy & Daddy will never stop loving you.”

Among some of the gifts that her baby boy—affectionally known as Papa Bear—received, Nicki also revealed all the presents Young Money head honcho and longtime parent Lil Wayne sent to her child:

Image via Instagram

“@liltunechi I just opened the bags & I’m in shock 🥴 this is insane. I love you so much. This is A LOT OF STUFF. OMG,” Nicki wrote in an IG Stories post. She revealed in the following Stories that the boxes contained Balenciaga baby outfits like sweaters, button-up shirts, and more.