Time Stamp: 23:42

Minaj commented on the release of her 2018 album, Queen, and that, looking back, she thinks she shouldn’t have released the project when she did.

“There was a lot of bullshit going on and I don’t think that it was presented correctly. … And I don’t think mentally, I was in the right place even with what I did afterward. Once that body of work was out, I don’t think I even presented myself correctly in terms of what I was saying and how I was saying it …  I don’t even think I should have put out an album at that time. I don’t think I was ready to put the album out.”

She then explained how the MTV VMAs were coming up around that time and how her labelmate was also gearing up to release music, so she wanted to make sure they both had their own week, and be on time for the VMAs. “That’s stupid. You never base your art around an award show. Your art is your art—all that stuff can wait. Because when the art is great, all that stuff comes. You don’t need to chase it, you don’t need to figure that out. It figures itself out.”