Nas’ younger sibling Jungle almost got into a fight with 2Pac and the Death Row crew at the MTV Music Awards in the ’90s, the brothers revealed in an interview on Apple Music 1’s Rap Life Radio.

Speaking with Ebro Darden for a conversation premiering today at 1 p.m. ET, the brothers opened up about the altercation Jungle found himself in after he loudly proclaimed his loyalty to Mobb Deep in the presence of Pac.

“I'm in the seats at the spot. And somebody came and said, 'Yeah, your brother and them is getting it on in the lobby or whatever,' or something like that," explained Nas. "So I got up and I went out there, but it was already squashed at that point." As his brother told it, Nas was presenting an award at the time, so he went to grab a beverage as that went down.

“I went to get a drink and I saw this girl that looked lost,” Jungle said, adding that he wasn’t even 20 at the time of the incident. “So I'm like, 'Where are you going?' She's like, 'I'm looking for my friends.' I said, 'Who?' 'Death Row.’ I was like, 'What? When I see one of them, I'm going to take a chain.' And then she was laughing. I was trying to make her laugh to come get a drink with me. But I was on some Queensbridge Mobb Deep shit. It's like, yeah, Mobb Deep in the house. I'm going to take a chain."